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Composite Railings, Styles, and Sizes – Making Your Choices

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your deck, you’re going to find yourself beset by a number of options. One of the biggest decisions you’re going to have to make is what you’re going to do about your rails. Composite railings are an option that many homeowners have begun to consider, simply because of the low maintenance… Read more →

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Making A Pleated Valance

When making a pleated valance, we first suggest that a pattern be made on paper. Six inches should be allowed for each pleat with space between each pleat of eight inches in width. Let?s assume, for example, that a valance is to be made into five pleats. It will be necessary to allow 30″ for the pleats. There are to… Read more →

Making Artwork Arrangements

Hanging artwork in groupings can create an exciting look for any room. The simplest grouping is a pair: two pieces of art, framed identically. They can be placed side by side or one over the other, in an even or uneven manner. Another simple grouping might be three or more pieces of art of varying sizes. Each piece must be… Read more →